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Finally, the secret Snapchat automation method used by the top agencies is available to you. 

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Below are some of the most useful workflows that you can create and automate within 30 minutes using our method:

Send Mass DMs

You can send messages to your friends. 

Add Friends

You can accept friend requests. 

Schedule and Send Live Snaps

You can send a sequence of live snaps with flexible delays between them. You can also attach a link. This approach allows you to warm up your audience and maximize your conversion rates, instead of solely relying on Instagram and hoping for a lucky conversion. You can achieve this without depending on chatters who charge +$3 per hour. There is no need to worry about your chatters stealing your leads, or managing them. You have the freedom to set the delays as desired and send any number of snaps within the limits allowed by Snapchat.

Remove Friends

Snapchat limits the number of friends you can have on your account. So, this workflow comes in handy to create space and accept more friends!

Schedule Stories

You can schedule stories.with flexible delays between them.

Promo Code: HOTDEAL

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Our method has been developed for the Top 1% agencies that offer OnlyFans management, SMM or other marketing services.
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Our SnapChat Method

SnapChat API Bots

SnapChat Emulator Bots

Cost Efficiency

Only $599 $299, Umlimited Accounts

Can be run on a decent computer

$2000 - $35,000/mo

$100/mo for about upto 5 accounts

Requires a device with a dedicated GPU

Time investment

Takes up to 1 hour to learn

about 30 minutes or less to create workflows.

The most well-known bot is not even available publicly. The publicly available one is known to not work half the time. It's difficult and costly to find and hire a good developer for a custom bot, not to mention the high maintenance costs 

It takes hours just to set up the bot, and it could take about 2-3 weeks to learn how to use it.


You would most likely need to start each workflow to minimize unexpected results. 

You could have a VA monitor and manage all accounts on a VPS, and you can have a lot more accounts on the VPS compared to using an emulator bot.

If the bot works as expected with minimal errors, this may be the most ideal solution for scalability. However, using the Snapchat API is often described as trying to break into Fort Knox. Good luck!

The emulator bot is known for being quite buggy and requires technical skills to operate. Due to its high GPU usage, it is limited to running only about 5 accounts per device.

Introducing SnapPockets™



What's inside the guide?

Step-by-step guide in text and video format, sample files, tools required for automation, lifetime updates, and 6 months of support.

Please note it focuses on automating SnapChat for conversions and does not cover generating traffic.

With traffic already in place, you could recoup your investment in just a day!

01 Getting Started

1.1 Top 3 Benefits of Using Snapchat Instead of Instagram to Increase Sales
1.2 Recommended VPS Provider
1.3 How to Set Up Everything from A to Z
1.4 Preparing Files for Your Funnel
1.5 About Proxies or IP

Bonus Tips: How to Create Snapchat Accounts and Minimize or Avoid Bans Even on Fresh Accounts.

02 Creating Workflows 

2.1 How to Add Friends
2.2 How to Schedule and Send Live Snaps
2.3 How to Send Mass DMs
2.4 How to Remove Friends
2.5 How to Schedule Stories

03 Troubleshooting & Support

3.1 Common Errors and How to Fix Them FAST

Who is this guide for? 

OnlyFans agencies

This method is ideal for OnlyFans agencies that consistently generate a decent volume of high-quality traffic and have a desirable model.

Marketing agencies

Marketing agencies can use this method to create Snapchat funnels for their B2C clients, boosting conversion rates and sales.

Affiliate marketers

If you are an affiliate marketer, this method can help you promote affiliate offers and increase your commission income.

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Payment Methods:  BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, LTC
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase from you?

As mentioned previously, there is no comprehensive and cost-effective solution for Snapchat automation available elsewhere. We have done extensive research and developed a method that offers a simple solution to help you save money BIG time, boost your conversions and blow your competition out of the water! 

Stop wasting your valuable time searching endlessly, and get SnapPockets while it's still available...

If your method is that simple, why do you charge such a high price?

We believe that our pricing reflects the substantial benefits and cost savings you can enjoy with our method. When you use this method together with a well-optimized funnel and a desirable offer, you have the potential to see a remarkable boost in sales. Plus, you'll also be able to pocket some extra cash by steering clear of expensive bots or chatters.

Note that this method has been made publicly available only recently, so we're still in the process of gauging the fair price. So, the price may change in the future. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get it at its current value!

How much time is required to run the funnels? 

The time required to run the funnels depends on the scale and automation level you choose. If you're running only a few accounts, you can keep them open on your computer and click a few buttons to start workflows on each account. In this case, you can monitor them passively and allocate a minimal amount of time.

However, if you want to scale your operations, you have the option to hire a virtual assistant (VA) to manage multiple accounts on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). The VA can handle the day-to-day management and execution of the funnels, saving you time and allowing for greater scalability.

Can you guarantee sales? 

Our method focuses on teaching you step-by-step techniques to semi-automate Snapchat. While success depends on several factors, such as having traffic, enticing content, and offers that your target audience desires, many marketers have reported increased sales using SnapChat. 

As a limited-time bonus, we plan to provide a bonus PDF with monetization strategies in the near future. However, please note that we cannot guarantee specific sales or conversions on Snapchat as we don't have control over your service, product, or brand.

What are the system requirements?

Our method has flexible system requirements. As an example, on a device with the following specifications, we've successfully run about 8 accounts at the same time without any issues:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10500T CPU
RAM: 32.0 GB

Operating System: Our guide is based on Windows, and it requires Windows 10 or 11. We have primarily tested and used the method on Windows 11, but it should also work on Windows 10.

You can try running a few accounts on your own computer with Windows 10 or 11 to see how it performs. In our guide, we provide information about a recommended, most cost-effective VPS. You can start with the smallest recommended specifications and test to find the optimal device for your needs. Keep in mind that the required resources may vary depending on the level of automations you desire.

Can I see how the bot looks or functions? 

While we understand that you want to see a video of the process, we are unable to share videos of the automation process at this time to prevent potential abuse and maintain confidentiality.

Feel free to check out our video HERE, which highlights the benefits of our method, and see if it's something that suits your needs.

Can I create specific automation workflows that are not described on your sales page?

Our guide is based on the most common, safe, and effective practices. You may be able to create your own custom workflows based on our suggested method but customization is beyond the scope of our support. The method we provide teaches techniques to automate actions, and it'll be up to you to create your workflows according to your specific needs.

Can I use this method to generate traffic also? 

While this method is primarily focused on using automation to maximize conversions, you have the flexibility to adapt it for traffic generation purposes as well. You can experiment with adding quick adds or cold traffic to your strategy. However, engaging in cold outreach may result in faster bans or penalties from the platform.

Therefore, if you decide to incorporate traffic generation techniques, that's beyond the scope of our support; please do so at your own risk.

Can I bulk import or export a list of users?

Bulk importing might technically be feasible through an API bot, which typically costs between approximately $2,000 to $35,000 per month. While our guide is designed primarily to leverage automation for enhancing conversions, it does provide a method that could potentially allow you to figure out a workaround for importing. However, the specifics of this workaround are not detailed in the guide due to the inherent risks of bans from engaging in cold outreach. Such actions could also lead to an increased number of support requests.

Please note that if you choose to pursue any form of bulk importing, it's essential to proceed with caution and at your own risk. Our guide focuses on the most common, safe, and effective practices. If you require in-depth assistance with customization or exploring these potential workarounds, a discovery session or customization support may be available at an additional cost.

On the other hand, bulk exporting data is supported by Snapchat itself. You can directly request Snapchat for assistance in this matter, and our guide offers a brief overview on how to approach this.

Can I get a free trial?

Unfortunately, no. This is a method that provides information which can't be retracted once consumed.

What do you mean by semi-automated?

Most bots typically involve manual work and management. Hence, we consider them to be semi-automated. With our method, you can automate each workflow to achieve a similar error level as that of fairly reliable commercial bots, provided you have a decent computer. However, it's recommended to initiate each workflow manually to minimize any undesired outcomes. Overall, the level of management required is comparable to that of most social media bots available in the market.

Compared to the greater flexibility and features possible with an API bot, control over certain automations may be limited. However, we offer a workaround to overcome these limitations and keep it simple and stupid for great effect!

If your method is that valuable, why do you charge so little?

We believe in making our valuable method accessible to as many people as possible. By keeping our prices affordable, we aim to provide a fair opportunity for individuals and businesses to benefit from our method without breaking the bank.

The basic license, which is included in the price, allows individuals and solopreneurs to utilize our method for their personal use and individual projects.

For fair usage, businesses that intend to use this method with team members or clients are required to purchase our extended commercial license, which you can purchase conveniently at checkout.

Rest assured, regardless of the license option you choose, the value and benefits of our method remain significant. We believe in providing fair opportunities for individuals and businesses to benefit from our method without compromising its quality and effectiveness.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and LTC from new buyers for automatic payments and instant access on our website. Currently, credit cards and PayPal are only available to returning buyers or trusted individuals to prevent fraud.

If you hold a VIP or similar membership status with no negative reputation on a forum, and wish to pay with a credit card or PayPal, please contact us HERE. We will check your profile and send you the private link if you're eligible.

Do you accept a middle man for cypto payments?

Yes, we can use a middle man (MM) service for secure transactions, but using a MM involves extra fees, additional work on our end to set up your account manually, and a bit of risk. Even reputable middlemen have disappeared without paying sellers in the past. So to cover all this, we require a 10% fee. To use a MM, contact @laugh on Telegram and request him to create a group chat with @rapidpockets.

Please note that we're unable to use a MM of your choice at this time due to the additional effort required to vet them. Also, we're not responsible if you contact the wrong person and get scammed due to misspelling their usernames.

I'm not an agency. Can I still buy this? 

People with some marketing experience or skills will greatly leverage our method. However, even if you're an influencer or a creator looking to learn valuable insider secrets and methods, you may still benefit from our guide. Please note that consultation is not included.

What tools or techniques does your method use for Snapchat automation?

We understand that you're interested in the techy details. However, to maintain confidentiality, we can't share the specifics about our tools or techniques prior to your purchase.

But here's what we can tell you: our method combines some effective strategies and unique approaches to make your Snapchat automation smooth and successful. Once you get the guide, you'll have all the details and easy step-by-step instructions instantly!

Does your Snapchat automation method affect the risk of account bans?

Our Snapchat automation method does not impact the likelihood of account bans. Our accounts that we automated and operated within Snapchat's ToS have never been banned. 

If an account were to be banned, it would likely be due to factors unrelated to our automation method. Therefore, account bans on Snapchat are beyond the scope of our support. However, we provide tips on how to avoid or minimize bans in our guide.

How many accounts can I run with this method?

There's no limit to the number of accounts you can use with this method. However, the number of accounts you can run concurrently largely depends on your machine's specifications.

Essentially, the more powerful or better-equipped your machine is, the more accounts you can operate at the same time. Alternatively, you can operate multiple machines to scale it up. Please see the system requirement information in this FAQ section for further details.

What additional costs would I incur to run the automation?

Just an internet connection and a decent computer. Proxies are not necessary in most cases unless you want to have extra security when running automation at scale. The guide briefly covers this topic, and we've also included a DIY guide on the best and cheapest mobile proxies as a fast-action bonus.

So grab yours now while it's still available! If you want to hire a VA or use a VPS, those would be the only additional costs. Please refer to the "System Requirement" in this FAQ section for more details.

Is AI chatting included?

Our guide is an information product that focuses on automating actions. We might offer an AI chat solution in the near future and will give priority or free trial access to our buyers. So, secure your early access by getting SnapPockets now!


Tried and tested methods! Join the top agencies today...

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I've had my fair share of issues with Snap chatters not showing up on time or even stealing my leads. This method has really helped out, making things a lot smoother and more scalable. Definitely recommend giving it a try!


CPA Marketer

It's been a game-changer for me in every way. Before this, I was stuck with an API bot that was expensive and didn't work half the time. SnapPocket is a breeze to pick up and put into action. Not only has it saved me a lot of headaches and money, but the conversion rate also outperforms Instagram by over 10%. Big thanks!


Digital Marketing Agency

When I funneled traffic from dating apps to OnlyFans using IG, my conversion rate was around 0.07%. But ever since I started using this method to direct traffic to Snapchat, I'm seeing conversions of 5% or even higher. I usually count it as 5% just to be safe. So, that translates to about 7-10 paid subs daily. I'm seriously loving the results and would totally recommend it.


OnlyFans Agency

LIMITED AVAILABILITY:  As part of our efforts to protect the method and maintain its effectiveness, we may limit the availability to 50 buyers. To secure your exclusive access, claim your spot now!

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Item support does not include:

X Help with included 3rd party assets (you will need to contact the 3rd party directly).
X Customizations and installations.
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